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Try these La Befana Pizzeria Treats for Starters

garlic bread knots imageWhile we have starters on our menu at La Befana Pizzeria we know many of our regulars love them so much they have them as their meal.

Well we can’t blame them as they are delicious and we pay as much attention to them in their preparation and cooking as our gourmet pizzas.

While everybody has their own favorite starter for good reason, our popular votes from customers go to our Fresh Baked Garlic Bread Knots and La Befana Boneless Buffalo Tenders.

Here’s some more information about each.

Garlic Bread Knots:

If you’ve never tried garlic bread knots before then you’re in for a treat. Made with bread dough LC cuts the dough in slices and wraps them around his fingers in a loop, ties them in a knot and coats with generous helping of garlic. If you like garlic bread then you’re love these tasty treats.

Make them yourself by rolling dough into rope-lengths of about 8” and then tie in a knot and coat with garlic and butter. Let dough rise and then bake in oven for about 18 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Boneless Buffalo Tenders:

These are the staff favorites – chunky white chicken lightly breaded and a medium hot sauce that has you coming back for a second helping. At La Befana we keep the sauce medium because we want you taste the juicy chicken breast we use for our tenders.

And if you love buffalo chicken and want a hearty pizza after your starter then go for our Buffalo Chicken gourmet pizza with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola and mozzarella cheeses.

These are just two of our great starters we offer at La Befana in addition to making gourmet pizza for Allston and Brookline customers. We hope you enjoyed learning about them and look for other posts about our restaurant offers.

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La Befana Pizzeria Team
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The Secret of Making a La Befana Gourmet Pizza Taste So Good

Pizza Dough imageAt La Befana Pizzeria in Allston, MA we’d like to think just everything about our pizza is special but there is one thing that LC – our master pizza chef – is meticulous about we get right… and that is the making of the dough.

It makes sense as the dough is the foundation of the pizza. Inexperience in the dough folding or if the dough is used too early or too late translates into a cooked flat or bready-tasting crust – which doesn’t want to make you come back for more – right?

LC makes his dough fresh every day, but more importantly in the early morning.

This is the coolest time in the kitchen and making the dough in a cool room is critical.

Once the yeast joins the water and other ingredients it becomes active and this is the time to bring in the flour. LC uses a huge 80 quart powerful mixer to blend in the ingredients. Now here’s where experience and knowledge comes into play. How much water to add depends on the humidity of the environment. There are times when you need more water and less at others. It’s more of an art on judging what is needed than a science.

Also, folding the dough on wood is best. The action of folding traps in air and gives those gorgeous bubbles on the crust when it’s baked hot and quick.

Once the dough has been sliced into sections it’s put inside coolers so the yeast can do its job to provide the perfect ready dough. Dough should be used between 18 hours and 36 hours after making. If used before you get what we call “flat bread” because it doesn’t rise – on the other hand waiting too long gives you as we explained earlier – bready constituency.

So there you have La Befana secret to making gourmet pizza for Allston and Brighton customers. We hope you enjoyed learning more about what goes into our pizzas and how much we are dedicated to giving you the best pizza in Boston!

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La Befana Pizzeria Team
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Why La Befana Pizza in Allston Comes in Two Fabulous Crusts

new york style pizza imageWhen it comes to pizza crust everybody is passionate about their favorite and we understand why.

Some like a raised crust and others prefer thin crust. The raised crust gives a bread-like texture to the experience of the toppings and the thinner version let’s you focus more on the crust. While at La Befana Pizzeria our team has their favorites as well, we all work towards giving you – our customer – your favorite!

We use to tell our customers there is not right or wrong choice of crust but we quickly found ourselves in the middle of a “religious war” on pizza crust and so please don’t ask us to take sides anymore. It’s bad for business!

At La Befana we offer you two choices in crust – New York-style or the thinner Neapolitan-style crust. Both are made fresh every day.

New York Style Crust:

Our New York-style pizza is characterized by a puffy outer crust which tapers down to a thin crisp middle. The puffy edges are caused by air pockets created during the folding when making the dough. The crust is usually a darker brown and even charred-looking in some places.

Neapolitan Style Crust:

While American’s tend to look at the centerpiece of the pizza as toppings, the Neapolitan’s felt the crust should have the focus and the toppings were just embellishments. But we try and provide both thin-crust taste and lip-smacking good toppings. Our high-temperature ovens provide the quick-cooking necessary to achieve this style crust.

La Befana Pizzeria is fast becoming the people’s favorite pizza in Allston and Brighton, and as our reputation branches out towards Boston we invite you to try one of our gourmet pizzas and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

Try our Vibrant Veggie for the Healthiest Pizza in Allston

healthy veggie pizza image

Many people lump Pizza in the same category as fast food, and while we’ve all seen the dripping greasy versions of pizza, with being a little picky on where to get your pizza and what you put on it, pizza can make a healthy meal or snack for your family.

Pizza dough comes in all types and makes – most pizzeria places offer gluten-free dough now. The healthiest crust is crisp and thin and our version at La Befana Pizzeria is called Neapolitan-style.

The tomato sauce on your pizza contains lycopenes which are rich in antioxidants and because it’s a sauce makes it easier for the body to absorb.

Cheese as most people know contains calcium and is a source of protein which is good – but is also high in fat. Now our body does need fat – not all fat is bad – and it depends how much cheese and fat you consume in a week as to whether you tell your local pizzeria to go easy on the cheese or take it normal.

Most pizza places will put less cheese on for you if you ask them.

Toppings can be a good way of getting your daily vegetables. Many vegetables are full of flavonoids which aid your immune system. Our favorites at La Befana are onions, olives,artichokes, spinach, red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and broccoli. Healthiest meats are ham and Canadian bacon.

One of the gourmet pizzas offered at La Befana pizzeria is our “Vibrant Veggie” and it’s a red sauce pizza with red and white onions, mushrooms, tomato, roasted garlic, broccoli, and our own roasted red peppers and fresh basil.

Next time you fancy a veggie-based pizza then reach for our Vibrant Veggie and satisfy you heart and health as well as your taste buds.

La Befana Pizzeria serves gourmet pizza in Allston and surrounding neighborhoods and you can order online here.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
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