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Famous and Popular Foods of Boston Massachusetts

Boston Creme Pie ImageWhether it’s a sweltering 90 degree humid day in Boston or frigid with a wind-chill below zero, Bostonian’s don’t seem to change their eating preferences at all. Well, maybe some more favorite adult beverages in the summer months but outside that Bostonians tend to sample new but drift back to their favorites.

The La Befana team thought it would be amusing to take another one of our polls and this time ask about famous foods in Boston.

We’ve taken a few liberties but hope you still enjoy our list with some light-hearted comments and all in sense of fun.

Boston Cream Pie:

Officially the Boston Cream Pie was created by French Chef M. Sanzian at Boston’s Parker House Hotel in downtown Boston. It was declared the official dessert of Massachusetts in 1996. While it’s called a “pie” it doesn’t have a crust but is two layers of cake separated by usually a vanilla custard filling and topped with a chocolate glaze.

You’ll find this on most Boston restaurant menus but despite it being famous it’s not one of Boston’s highest exports to rest of the nation. It seems most regions have figured out how to make this dessert and it doesn’t have to be made in Boston to be called Boston Crème Pie.

Boston Baked Beans:

One of Boston’s nicknames is “Beantown.” Boston Baked Beans is a type of baked bean which traditionally uses molasses and flavored with pork – usually bacon. The recipe dates back to pilgrim times when the recipes were learned form the Native Americans and adjusted by the pilgrims and eaten along with corn bread as a meal mostly on Sundays.

Today it’s used as a side dish, although we have one member of our staff who warms up Boston Beans and pours them over toast for a meal called “beans on toast” – they say it’s popular in Britain, although I don’t think Boston Beans are required.

Clam Chowder:

Because of the population size of Boston then it consumes a lot of the New England Clam Chowder served up each year by region restaurants. Chowder can come in many varieties such as sea food and fish chowder, but most famous is clam chowder. Clams are plentiful in New England and are very tasty when added to a thickened broth and called chowder.

At one time Clam Chowder was served predominately on Fridays to satisfy religious requirements for Catholics but today you can feast on it any day of the week – and Boston does!

Ice Cream:

This is a pretty safe bet to include in any list, including Boston. Ice Cream remains the favorite dessert of the nation but maybe surprisingly New England leads the country in ice cream consumption per capita. You can bet a good deal of that is sold in the Boston area especially with all the tourism the city sees during the warmer months.

But frankly, it’s popular anytime of the year – even in those frigid below-zero days! Well, maybe not as much on its own but warm apple pie topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream takes some beating if on the menu.


Definitely not “invented” in Boston but very popular none the same around the city, pizza remains a popular food in Beantown. It’s versatile for a quick on the move meal but can also be found on the menu of trendy local restaurants. Over the years Boston has achieved a reputation for average and “nothing to write home about” pizza. Personally, we think this has been spread about by New Yorkers – probably Yankee fans!

Seriously though there is some truth to the mediocrity criticism leveled at Boston produced pizza. Of course at La Befana Pizzeria we believe we have the perfect antidote to that criticism in our gourmet pizza line.

But anyway you “slice it” – excuse pun – pizza remains a Boston favorite food.

Hope you enjoyed our post.

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