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La Befana Pizzeria in Allston MA Announces Special Deals

garlic knots special imageLa Befana is excited to announce some special deals just released.

Our garlic knots have proved to be one of our most popular items and so we’ve decided to give customers a chance to try them… for FREE.

With the purchase of any one of our Extra Large pizzas or if you make any purchase over $20 we’ll give you one of the hottest selling item we have – Garlic Knots – for FREE!

You can see L.C. our Master Pizza Chef with a fresh piping-hop batch of his garlic knots in the picture. Geez, they look so good we keep reaching into the picture to taste one. He takes as much care when making these as one of his gourmet pizzas.

But we’re not stopping there because we’ve also decided that if you purchase any two Extra Large pizzas then you can get a FREE Medium Cheese pizza, or our famous Jumbo Wings, or a Pasta and Sauce Dinner.

We think these are the best deals in any pizza place in Allston and Boston neighborhood pizza shop.

So enjoy these specials because they can’t last forever!

La Befana Pizzeria offers Gourmet pizza for Allston and Brookline neighborhoods of Boston.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

Online Ordering at La Befana Pizzeria in Allston on the Increase

Order pizza online imageWhen we opened La Befana Pizzeria doors in Allston Massachusetts in spring 2011 we wanted to be offering our customers the ease of online ordering.

It took us a few weeks after we opened though to get everything in place to offer that feature and since we started we’ve seen a steady increase in its use and our business. Given our location and the population we serve we expect online ordering of pizza to continue to climb.

We think ordering online offers the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Convenient from anywhere you have an internet access.
  1. See the menu items and tick-off what you want the way you want it.
  1. Chance to keep up-to-date with new menu items and discounts without visiting the restaurant for that information – which let’s face it isn’t always convenient for you.
  1. No misinterpretation of what you want – sometimes with a busy and noisy restaurant the order on the phone can be difficult to capture correctly by the order taker.
  1. Chance to review and validate at checkout exactly what you’re about to order.
  1. Ability to pay with credit card online so there’s no fumbling for cash or change when picking-up at restaurant or on delivery to you.

But we’re not the only ones that think it’s a growing trend and something to offer our customers – so does Cornell University.

Recent research at the university concluded that nearly 50% of pizza restaurants now accept orders online, and “once customers try online ordering they’re far were more likely to continue to use it and the trend was only going to get bigger” according to one of the co-authors of the study, professor Sheryl E. Kimes.

Ms. Kimes also expressed surprise at the high incidence of online ordering in the study. However, we at La Befana Pizzeria are not surprised at all and saw it coming even as we were getting ready to open.

La Befana Pizzeria offers Gourmet pizza for Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston. We hope you enjoyed our news about the trend of online ordering at places like ours, and just as an excuse for a shameless plug for us you can order our pizza online here.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

July 4th Celebration and Chocolate Pizza

Boston Fireworks ImageIts July 4th weekend here in Boston and you all know what that means right?

Yeah – Chocolate Pizza!

Eh? Well okay – how about Boston Pops and fireworks and no place to park and thousands of people looking for food? For a place like La Befana Pizzeria in Allston, MA, and to steal a line from the Eagles’ Hotel California,this could be heaven or it could be hell.

With the Red Sox back on July 4th for a home day game the city focuses the evening on America’s birthday and the traditional activities scheduled for July 4th, 2011 on the Esplanade.

Arrive before 2:00pm if you want to get a seat – a good seat requires you heading out there… now!

If you’re traveling into Boston then do come early and park well away from the Charles and walk over to the Esplanade. The weather for Monday looks like being great.

Now back to that Chocolate Pizza.

The La Befana team – all of us – love chocolate. And we joked the other day about having a chocolate topping on a pizza. We got all excited for a minute because we thought we’d had an original idea. But then a member mentioned they’d seen a chocolate pizza mentioned in a menu once.

In disbelief we searched our trusty Google friend and within a few seconds our hearts sank as we come across the chocolate specialty store and restaurant Max Brenner. And there in their sweet menu is the white and chocolate pizza. It looks outstanding and we can’t wait to try it!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many locations in the U.S. Las Vegas is probably the most famous and they have one in Philadelphia and NY City – the rest are scattered across the globe.

Well, here’s the great news – there’s now a fourth in America. And yes, it’s in Beantown in the Back Bay district – 745 Boylston to be exact.

So now we can all have Chocolate Pizza in Boston this weekend. Well we can – you guys will have to take care of yourselves. And who knows if we learn the secrets and we have enough customers who ask for it – then maybe La Befana Pizzeria may just be the second place in Boston to offer Chocolate Pizza – what do you say?

For more traditional pizzas then try one of our classic gourmet pizza for our Allston and Brookline customers. We hope you enjoyed learning about chocolate pizza and look for other posts about pizza and Boston activities.

Order our Pizza for Allston online here.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

La Befana Pizzeria Neighborhood of Allston Compared to Our Pizza

Allston-Brighton Housing ImageLa Befana Pizzeria isn’t just located in Allston, Massachusetts we consider ourselves part of this vibrant neighborhood and community since opening in March 2011.

Allston has an interesting mix of long term residents who’ve called Allston home for many years and a student population that ebbs and flows with the college year.

La Befana isn’t part of a chain that chooses its location based on shareholder’s values or a corporate office management located on the other side of the U.S. who in a whim can decide to shut down its operation in a location without blinking an eye.

To be sure La Befana Pizzeria is a business and needs to make a profit but we have a little more skin in the game than corporate pizzerias. Allston is our only home and so we can’t afford to lose this one – we succeed or die!  So we go out of our way to understand what our neighborhood customers want and do our best to deliver. We take pride in being part of the Allston business scene and seeing the same folks return regularly and knowing people see us as part of their community.

We like to think of our pizzas as reflecting many of the qualities and diversity a community like Allston provides as a Boston neighborhood.

Just like Allston housing which ranges from multi-family Victorian homes in Lower Allston to triple-deckers towards Brighton our menu features classics such as the Marghereta pizza to the piled high Mighty Meatlover pizza.

Allston is named after the American painter and poet Washington Allston and although we haven’t named any pizzas yet after Boston natives we do have our El Sid, and George Lembo’s Favorite and Jackson’s Chicken BBQ – one of our team favorites!

Although Allston is considered a neighborhood of Boston and often referred to as Allston-Brighton it has a diverse ethnic background including folks from Russia, East and South Asia, Brazil and Columbia and likewise we have pizza flavors showing different origins such as the Aztec, Five-O and Hibernian pizzas.

There are many busy and thriving sections of Allston serving its 21,000+ population and where we are located at 15 N. Beacon St near Cambridge Street we’re intending to carve out our own pocket of a thriving community. Come and join us here or order online here or call us for delivery or curbside pickup.

And let us know by leaving a comment at our web site how we can better serve you as your Allston Pizza community.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

La Befana Pizzeria of Allston MA in the News

La Befana AnnouncementLa Befana Pizzeria of Allston MA is in the news and we just wanted to share about it with you all. After all we’ve only been on the Allston Pizza scene since March 2011 but already we’re getting noticed – thanks to our customers!

In just under three months we’ve gathered reviews and comments on our pizzas and service at all the major online review and online ordering sites. We’re proud to say most are positive – which for a Boston pizza restaurant is no mean feat. Boston has a reputation for being a tough and demanding restaurant market, and using feedback from people we’ve learned what you liked and where we had opportunities to do better for you.

But that is part of being in business. If there is a problem then we own up, take responsibility, and fix. In instances where a review is factually inaccurate then we usually respond quickly.

Two articles about La Befana Pizzeria appeared in recent blogs.

Complete New England is an online magazine covering news and events from Boston and beyond and in March 2011 they announced our opening after an interview with the owner by posting a full page blog entry. You can read the La Befana Pizzeria article here.

The Boston Phoenix is a popular paper distributed throughout Boston but they also have an online blog and they run a recent review on us. The Phoenix doesn’t pull it punches when it comes to restaurant reviews as they don’t answer to anybody and you can read their La Befana Pizzeria article here.

You may also have seen us advertising on Groupon and prominent on City Search and while all this advertising is great as we continue to grow, we still rely on people like you to spread the word. Referrals and repeat customers is the staple of any restaurant – ours included – and this only happens if we keep our customers satisfied.

And we continue to do our best to keep you all satisfied. If you have any suggestions on how we can do this better drop us a comment below or send personal email to:

La Befana Pizzeria serves gourmet pizza in Allston and Brighton and surrounding neighborhoods and you can order online here.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

La Befana Pizzeria in Allston has New Hours

La Befana Storfront Allston Image

We’ve just been open for a few weeks and already we realize we goofed!

Yes, we didn’t think during the week people would be looking for lunch in our location as it comes alive at night and weekend.

But we are big enough to admit we were wrong!

The neighborhoods of Allston and Brighton  are active all the time!

We’ve had so many people tell us we are crazy not be open for lunch during the week that we listened and so now here are our new hours of operation:

Sunday – Thursday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 12:00pm – 12:00am

And we also changed our delivery times to coincide with these times rather than be different.

We want to be your first choice neighborhhood pizza in Allston and Brighton. We realize the neighborhoods have a lot of choices in pizza places and so we’re working hard to earn your business and finding new reasons for you to visit us and tell your friends on Facebook.

We’ll be adding something really exciting to the website in the next week so keep your eye’s peeled.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

La Befana Pizzeria Goes Social – Join Us on Facebook and Twitter

la befana Pizzeria Storefront Image

La Befana Pizzeria may just be in Allston, MA but over the weekend we created our presence at FaceBook and Twitter and now can reach out to the whole world!

Okay – maybe a bit ambitious so we’ll stay focused for the moment making friends in Allston and Brighton.

The team here would love you to visit our page on FaceBook and “like” us and join in the conversation.

Just click the icon below to whizz across to our page and learn what’s happening at this moment in our kitchens.

We’re bound to be cooking something special up for you.

If you prefer to get our tweets – or maybe get them as well, then we have another button you can push for twitter below:

Our Master Pizza ChefLC – is brimming with ideas to make our pizzeria your favorite pizza stop and so expect the ovens to really hot up as we come out of our bitter winter and into the Boston quick spring followed by hot summer.

For the best value in Allston pizza check us out.

See you as a customer soon.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

La Befana Pizzeria Allston Massachusetts Opening March 2011

La Befana Announcement


La Befana – a gourmet pizza restaurant  – officially opens it’s doors in Allston, Massachusetts on Friday March 11th, 2011.

The pizzeria is serving the Allston, Brighton, Brookline and Cambridge neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts area.

LC Lydon – Master Pizza Chef – had run a pizzeria on Cape Cod and decided the time was right for offering a great tasting pizza for a value price in Allston and surrounding neighborhoods.

LC said “we’ll introduce a special pizza regularly  so you can keep coming back to try something new and fresh.” He added “we want to offer the favorites but also surprise and delight  if you’re in the mood for something different.

In addition to offering gourmet pizzas, La Befana Pizzeria also includes on it’s menu: signature pasta, fresh salads, calzones, homemade sandwiches, buffalo wings, and burgers.

La Befana has an integrated online ordering system with their web site at and offers free delivery with $15 minimum order. Curbside pick-up is also offered or you can eat-in at their over-sized Butcher’s Block table.

Give La Befana a try for your next pizza in Allston and Brighton.

La Befana Pizzeria Team
15 N. Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134