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How to Make your Own Dough and Pizza

Making Dough ImageWe’ve been asked many times about making your own pizza dough and to give pointers to people.

First making your own pizza dough is time consuming and messy… the first few times you do it. Then as you gain experience it will be quicker and clean up will be quick as well.

The problem with sharing the way we make our dough is we make it in huge batches and using industrial size equipment which you’d expect from most professional pizzeria.

But hardly equipment your average household kitchen would have handy.

So instead we asked each member of our team to choose their favorite dough and pizza recipe and then as a team vote on them and come up with one winner.

And the winner is “The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Making Your Own Pizza.”

This is a comprehensive tutorial on how to make your own dough and pizza.

We don’t agree with everything in the method or recipe but it is thorough and that we like.

We disagree with the waiting time for the dough to mature. We leave ours for 24 hours in fridge before using dough. But this recipe is assuming time is of essence and you’re looking to make the pizza and eat it an hour or so after making the dough.

Other things to note is the aversion the author has to pizza stone and the preference to cooking on a pizza screen. We recommend pizza stones and not screens because they provide closer to restaurant-style tasting pizzas.

The instructions for shaping the dough are comprehensive but you’ll need a number of attempts before you get it right. Have plenty of dough on hand to experiment with your first go. There is a video demonstrating how to shape the dough as well at the website page.

Well, we won’t spoil the adventure anymore and so here is the link to the winner of our “making your own dough and pizza” contest:

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