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The Best Pizza Blogs from the California Culinary Schools

pizza in wood oven imageThere’s a lot of information out on the web and most of it is… well junk and misinformation.

Sifting through what is good and what can be ignored takes dedication and effort and it’s so much better if somebody you trust does that for you.

When it comes to information about food and pizza then nobody does it better than the California Culinary Schools web site. They recently did a review of pizza blogs and listed their 50 Delicious Pizza Blogs here.

In this list you’ll find blogs with recipes a bunch devoted to recommended area pizza places such as New York, L.A., D.C.

You’ll also find one’s focused on gluten-free pizza, audio clips from pizza lover interviews, and whole bunch more including a blog about the worst pizza place.

Be warned about anything that proposes to list the worst blah blah. It’s usually one person with an axe to grind so just ensure with anything good and bad you read a selection of reviews about one place before you decide to try it or pass it by.

Some of the sites mentioned are no more than clips and extracts from other blogs but conveniently located in one blog. If you’re looking for recipes and latest news about your favorite food then you’ll find it in one of these listed blogs.

So enjoy this resource and like anything on the web be careful out there!

La Befana Pizzeria offers Gourmet pizza for Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston.

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Best Reheating Pizza Methods from La Befana Pizzeria

cold pizza imageWhile La Befana Pizza is best eaten as soon as cooked to get all the flavor and goodness you expect we realize sometimes there are leftovers slices that can eaten next day, and the question is how best to prepare these slices?

The obvious easy answer is to eat pizza cold – this seems to be popular with students and the “pizza for breakfast gang” whom generally go for the quick no nonsense method. We spend our time around delicious hot food all day and so struggle with recommending this method and knowing how we want our pizza to look and the promise of piping hot pizza we deliver – cold pizza is just not in our repertoire.

So in this article we’ll provide information on reheating pizza. There are many schools of thoughts on reheating pizza which range from the simple and relatively quick to almost recreating a pizza oven in a conventional oven.

But there is one method that universally gets the “thumbs down” and this is the microwave method. Soft and soggy pizza is the usual by-product of microwaving your pizza treat.

If you stored leftover pizza slices in the fridge then take them out and let sit for 15/20 minutes until at room temperature before reheating. We polled the La Befana team and offer these following reheating methods as our choice for you along with instructions.

Toaster Oven Method:

Toaster ovens are good if you just have a just one or two slices to reheat and they’re also energy efficient. Preheat over to 400 degrees and put in slices on some foil for about 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbling. Like regular ovens, toaster ovens have unique properties and we’ve experienced “cold spots” using this method on very large slices. So get to know your toaster oven’s quirkiness.

Skillet Method:

The skillet method is popular with those wanting to recreate the crispness of the original pizza. Cast iron skillets seem to be the preferred choice but a frying pan can work as well. Reheat your pizza slices one at a time in a covered pan over a medium-low heat until warm – this will keep the crust crispy while reheating the upper layer

Conventional Oven Method:

A conventional oven is likely to give you the closest to original texture and taste for your reheated pizza slices. It’s also the most practical for reheating lots of slices at once.

Reheating pizza in an oven is definitely one of those “know your own oven.” Times and temperature will vary between ovens and depending on whether you use a pizza stone or unglazed tiles. If you use tiles then keep the stones clean by putting the pizza on a sheet of foil. If you don’t have a stone or tiles then use a flat pan to lay the pizza on top of foil. A pizza shop oven is 650 – 700 degrees but for reheating pizza set the oven to preheat at 450 – 475 degrees and put pizza in oven and leave until oven preheats to set temperature or until you see cheese bubbling.

La Befana Pizzeria offers Gourmet pizza for Allston and Brookline neighborhoods of Boston. We hope you enjoyed our tips for reheating pizza covering different preferences and equipment.

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