The Secret of Making a La Befana Gourmet Pizza Taste So Good

Pizza Dough imageAt La Befana Pizzeria in Allston, MA we’d like to think just everything about our pizza is special but there is one thing that LC – our master pizza chef – is meticulous about we get right… and that is the making of the dough.

It makes sense as the dough is the foundation of the pizza. Inexperience in the dough folding or if the dough is used too early or too late translates into a cooked flat or bready-tasting crust – which doesn’t want to make you come back for more – right?

LC makes his dough fresh every day, but more importantly in the early morning.

This is the coolest time in the kitchen and making the dough in a cool room is critical.

Once the yeast joins the water and other ingredients it becomes active and this is the time to bring in the flour. LC uses a huge 80 quart powerful mixer to blend in the ingredients. Now here’s where experience and knowledge comes into play. How much water to add depends on the humidity of the environment. There are times when you need more water and less at others. It’s more of an art on judging what is needed than a science.

Also, folding the dough on wood is best. The action of folding traps in air and gives those gorgeous bubbles on the crust when it’s baked hot and quick.

Once the dough has been sliced into sections it’s put inside coolers so the yeast can do its job to provide the perfect ready dough. Dough should be used between 18 hours and 36 hours after making. If used before you get what we call “flat bread” because it doesn’t rise – on the other hand waiting too long gives you as we explained earlier – bready constituency.

So there you have La Befana secret to making gourmet pizza for Allston and Brighton customers. We hope you enjoyed learning more about what goes into our pizzas and how much we are dedicated to giving you the best pizza in Boston!

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La Befana Pizzeria Team
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